a lovely little thing with an all or nothing attitude, who takes everything she does to a whole new level.

Not only do I deliver fashion infused portraits for my girls to cherish forever, but I help them with their goals and build them up to a place where I feel all young women and ladies should be. If you ask any of my lovelies they will tell you I'm more then their photographer or makeup artist, and to me they are more than just a client. I take my time getting to know these girl, so I can 100% capture their true beauty. I know what its like to have little to know direction on where might life take you, I have been there. I know what its like for people to tell you "that's not a real job!" I pride my self in motivating these girls to go after what they are passionate about, and I have helped get my lovelies; Internships, jobs, scholarships, class credits, & so much more.