How I Created The Ultimate Client Experience

The Lovely Senior Experience  

by: Heather Yeager 


Creating an ideal client experience will not happen overnight, but I'm going to try my hardest to tell you everything I did and hopefully it will help you create the ideal client experience in as little time as possible. I did many projects and worked with many clients before deciding on what I thought would be the perfect overall experience for all of my clients to have.  Remember that client experiences will vary from creative to creative because everyone likes to do things a little bit different. I would love to share with you a few things that work for me and my clients that keep them happy and forever sharing with friends and family!

The Initial Response

Take a second and think about how long does it takes you to get back to a client?    an hour.... 24 hours ...days!? My response time is 1 second!!! Why? How? I have decided that the best way to start a relationship with my client this to immediately respond back to them.  I have no idea how many photographers they are emailing, and how fast they are answering back, but I know one thing I want to be the best & only option I outsource to an automated email system that actually customizes the response per client request. I don't ever want to miss an opportunity to a new client and being a busy mom isnt going to stop me.  I use HoneyBook which allows me to customize email templates and automations. I was so afraid that it wouldnt be as personable, but not only is it automated but it customized to each clients needs!!! Its as if I was answering the email myself. Less stress and an organized workflow process that my clients can see and be apart of instantly is the perfect way to start a client experience. Resource: HoneyBook

Never Stop Spoiling  

I have been asked several times why I send out welcome packets and gifts after I've already booked the client. I also always send out a welcome packet full of things to help them get the most out of their Lovely Senior Experience like a wardrobe guide and help woth how to make the ultimate pinterest inspiration board! Just like in any relationship you never stop wooing them! Plus, if you throw out all of your best moves at the beginning they have nothing to tell their friends and family about. I keep doing unexpected things and sending them lots of love and every single time I do something unexpected or above and beyond they will post something about it or tell a friend or family, which helps my your word-of-mouth marketing technique which helps my business to keep on growing. | Warrensburg Wedding Photographer | Warrensburg Senior Portrait Photographer | Kansas City Missouri | the lovely bride | the lovely senior

Styling Consultations

When I first started my business I did not offer this but after having tons of lovelies tell me that the hardest thing about their lovely senior experience is picking out outfits and locations I decided that I need to make that a number one priority.  Their Styling Consultation is time spent on choosing make up choices, hair styles,  locations, wardrobe etc.. we put everything together so they're ready for their big day I always reassure them that nothing is set in stone and if they leave and think of something else they want to wear they are more than welcome to bring it or trade outfits. The idea is to understand their specific style and personality to help me to customize their experience further.

Quality Over Quantity

Each month I take on a maximum of 4 to 6 clients. I'm all about quality over quantity and I can't spend as much time with each girl or get to know them or mentor them or anything else that they might need if I'm taking on 10 to 12 at seniors a month it's just not realistic for me and not how I want to run my business.  In taking on a limited amount of clients I am able to get their photos and product back to them in record timing. I tell all my clients that they will get their photos back within 2 weeks, when in reality they get them back in less than 48 hours. The same goes for products I told them two weeks  when they really get them back within four business days.  It has taken me a long time to figure out my have perfect workflow that works not only in my best interest but my clients as well.  

Proofing w/ a Custom Mobile App

I do not take proofing lightly!! UN-WATERMARKED IMAGES! How many of you just screamed a little inside?? lol Each client receives a gallery of fully edited images to look through before their premiere ordering session. I know I don't want a huge watermark to deter me from seeing my images and I know my clients do not as well. Did I mention these images are on their very own personal mobile app which they receive within 48 hours of their experience. Resource: ShootProof


Now get out there and make your client experience something they cant stop talking about!



Heather Yeager