You may be trying to decide if the Lovely workshop (by: Heather Yeager) is a good fit for you.

The Lovely workshop is for you if:

- You are in your first 1-3 years of business

- You have a PASSION for photography, but you need more knowledge

- You feel like you aren't working with your ideal clients.

- Are not utilizing social media and want to know how

- You are struggling with posing and making your clients feel comfortable

- You feel STUCK and don't know what your next step is

- You want a general overview of the portrait side of photography

- You just moved to a new area and don't know how to start over

- You want to see more consistency in your work

- You want to learn how to make your photos more aesthetically pleasing

- You want to improve your client experience & have consistency

- You want to move into a new market or higher price point for your portraits

- You want to learn practical tools to help you go full time

- You need better organization skills to get your LIFE back

- You want to work with The Caroline Doll, Amazing Wardrobe & REDKEN™ Stylists & Artists for a fully styled shoots to build your portfolio

- You want to learn more about how to infuse fashion into your senior portrait photography

- You need some direction on branding and separating specializations

- You want to hangout and eat some amazing food with some amazing people who all have the same passion and struggles as you do

Heather Yeager Photography


Schedule of Events

& Styled Shoots

I have developed a unique take on education to give you knowledge on first and foremost for you photographers and how to make your photos aesthetically pleasing and consistent with a fashion twist. Knowledge that will in return help you get more clients via word of mouth marketing and so much more! I offer a broad variety of services including Makeup & Hair Classes, e-Books, one-on-one and small-group Photographer / Creative workshops. years of experience as an established aesthetician & photographer in both industries. Check out these learning opportunities and reach out to me and learn more about how I can help you reach your artistic and business goals.

The Lovely Editorial is a Full Day EXCLUSIVE Portfolio Building Styled Shoot for photographers!

The Lovely Creative is Two Day Makeup & Hair Class Taught by REDKEN Artists & Stylists W/ a portfolio building photo shoot with real models you get to work on!

The Lovely Little Mentor Session is a Two Hour Skype/Facetime Call for photographers 


"Grad Party"

The Lovely Work Shop: by Heather Yeager

Concept & Photographs by: Heather Yeager

Styled by: PoshPr®


"Pool Party

The Lovely Work Shop: by Heather Yeager

Concept & Photographs by: Heather Yeager

Styled by: PoshPr®



The Lovely Little Photographers Workshop is an experience designed for photographers that desire to build a successful business rooted word of mouth marketing, consistency, & all the love for people and their success. 

This 2-Day workshop will teach attendees everything that I have done to build a very successful photography business via word-of-mouth marketing. The first day of the workshop will focus on; education while the second day will include a full styled fashion infused shoot w/ 3 models. We will cover a wide range of topics including business, marketing, social media, shooting, posing, lighting, client experience, organization, workflow, branding and more. Each workshop seat includes the pre-workshop meet & greet, 2 day workshop, one amazingly huge portfolio-building styled shoot with Heather Yeager & The Caroline Doll, a fresh head shot, lunch & dinner both days as well a swag bag of must haves and access to the online The Lovely Little Photographers Q+A community following the event.